Date: Fri, Oct 30th, 2020

Great Falls College MSU's Laramie Smovir named College Access Champion

Entrollment specialist Laramie Smovir

Great Falls College MSU's Laramie Smovir was recently named the post-secondary College Access Champion by the Montana University System College Access Network.

Smovir said getting an award for her hard work was nice, but she said the feeling that came from it was more a validation that her passion for education is recognized.

"Awards are great," she said. "But for me being recognized for being more than a college recruiter means a lot, that people see I care about kids and people in general getting an education. Education helps them make good decisions and ensures they aren't stuck in their lives. It was cool to have someone else recognize what I'm doing."

Smovir started work at Great Falls College almost five years ago and has worked as an enrollment specialist for nearly four years.

"I have the pleasure of being the enrollment specialist at Great Falls College and love what I do," she said on the College Access Network's announcement about the award. "I am blessed to do work that helps people reach for their dreams and find a better future."
While she loves working for Great Falls College, she sees her role as helping students find the best fit for their needs, even if it means attending somewhere other than Great Falls College.

"I work to ensure student success by helping them understand the options that are available and figure out which choice best suits their needs," she said in the announcement. "In the process, I try to empower them to advocate for themselves and get what they need to be successful. Additionally, I think it's important they know that it's OK to not know what they want to do for the rest of their life, but they can take the first step in figuring out what that is by through general education courses."

Shannon Marr, admissions director at Great Falls College, said Smovir's enthusiasm for education made her an ideal choice for the award.

"It's not surprising that Laramie has been recognized as a College Access Champion because she consistently promotes the benefits of education to anyone who will listen," Marr said. "She shares her passion for college with the barista at the coffee shop, the cashier at Walmart, and the lunch delivery person, plus everyone who walks onto campus. Laramie truly believes in meeting students 'where they are' and works with them to get beyond any hurdles they may have. We are so proud to have Laramie as an ambassador for Great Falls College MSU; she makes a real difference in the lives of prospective and current students."

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