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A message from Dr. Susan Wolff :

Publish Date: 05/29/2020

Dear Campus Community,

We are so proud of the efforts of faculty, students, staff and administrators for how you all adapted so quickly and well this spring.

We just received a data report showing spring semester enrollment stayed almost even – even with the second 8-Week Block moving to 100% online. The transition was not as heavy of a lift for Great Falls College because more than 90% of our faculty already teach online and use other technologies and our students use the course management system every day whether their class meets online, remotely or face to face. The college ensured everyone working from home had the equipment they needed. Kudos to all.

We were disappointed not to hold an in-person graduation ceremony. However, in the long-held spirit of the college, we adapted and still celebrated our students’ success by filming a commencement video. We mailed 295 commencement boxes with a program, diploma cover, tassel, honors cords when applicable, the college’s 50 Year coin, a cling sticker with the college logo, confetti and noise makers.

Here’s a link to the YouTube commencement video in case you missed it:

We also celebrated our Students of the Year with a special presentation that we also posted on our YouTube page:

All across the nation, institutions of higher education are concerned about enrollment for next year. During times of economic recession, two-year colleges typically see a rapid increase in enrollment as people choose to use that time to reskill or earn long-awaited degrees. With this being a pandemic-induced recession, our crystal balls are not so clear.

Our Great Falls College task force is working closely with the Montana University System’s Healthy Fall 2020 Task Force and is meeting throughout this week on our reopening plans, which we will share with you as soon as they are set.

Our task force and the executive team will begin sending weekly updates on our reopening plan each Wednesday. This is the first one. You also can follow us on Facebook.

Thanks for all you do!

Susan Wolff Signature

Dr. Susan J. Wolff, CEO/Dean